Let Think Subjectively.

Hi my name is Zach, I’m 20 years old. And I’m a little late in the game for this topic huh?

So, let me start by saying you should thank yourself for finding this site. 

I’m not some Money Making Guru, who’s going to tell you the secrets to becoming an overnight millionaire. (well I lied, the secret is get lucky)

But what I am going to tell you, is I see a need for my opinion. 

Far too often I notice the youth of my generation grow up spoiled. Do great in highschool, go to college, graduate and have no idea, of what their services or ability is really worth. Not that I’m going to put anyone down, but what I want to do is make a product that can teach everyone some simple life skills, to guarantee that they will always have enough money for food, or a soda, or some simple pleasure that makes America Great!

What inspired this?

The Homeless man-

When I was 15, I was working at a bird store. (which will remain un-named) but when I was 15, I was a hard worker, I was doing great in highschool, and I new the value of a dollar. 

I worked for a great boss, who was more of a mother to me, who taught me so many valuable common sense things, that I think there is enough to make a blog about it. But before I get distracted.

Let me tell you the story of a homeless man named Kelly.

Kelly was a homeless native American who lived on the reservations in New Mexico. He loved getting intoxicated, he had a problem with it. 

But this is not an intervention blog to help people cope or deal or solve substance abuse. Let me tell you about the day Kelly was fired from this really easy job. 

Well my boss had been buying Kelly lunch everytime so far he had come into work. She had a “share the wealth” approach that I would like to say I’ve learned how to do a little to well. ha Ha. Well this particular day, there was no more money to buy lunch and pay everyone. I volunteered (I took pity on Kelly) to buy lunch for everyone. But I had enough to get everyone some sandwiches. A generous customer who was enjoying her visit with her birds, offered to buy soda’s for my boss, herself, and I. I was really happy at the Idea. So I go pick up lunch and come pack with a few bags full of sandwiches and some sodas., 

Then we invite kelly to join us in our wonderful banquet, but theres a problem. HE didn’t get a coke!

Offended he begins cursing, yelling, and really upsetting the birds. I offered him mine but he refused. He was mad at my boss for not buying him a coke. 

So, she then fires him. After he left, she said to me, “Zach, if you party so hard at your age, that when your 50 you can’t afford a simple beverage for your self you made some pretty big mistakes.”

I took that to heart, that had changed my whole perspective on life and money. I no longer looked at money as this immortal being, but as a simple representation or liquid credibility you have. 

So, that was my first lesson on making money what was yours? 

IF you are still reading by this point let me tell you how to get rich. 

Work hard, save smart, and have fun. If you can master those three things your financial woes will be no more. That’s a promise. 


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