What I think about the stock market.

The stock market is great. Only if you don’t need it. 

Why do I say that?

The first reason is; the stock market is truly un-predictable. with QE unlimited technical trading is just about useless for the short term and day traders. So then what’s left? IRA’s and aggressive growth accounts. Both I think are really risky, with the rate of inflation, the stock portfolio has to grow at least at the rate of inflation to break even. You are starting with a limp leg, and I highly recommend against it unless your just as comfortable wiping yourself with the money you are prepared to invest in the stock market.

Now, there are several other ways to make money work for you, Unless you have massive amounts a savings account with modest interest just won’t work. Heck I think your better off opening. 

If you want to invest I say… “why not invest in yourself”? Buy education, buy property, something to directly to increase your net worth alone. Now, there is work involved with both, if you buy apartments (property) you have property taxes, maintance and unpredictable expenses. That’s why the great bank in the sky commanded insurance. To protect you from those things.

But I personally recommend education. Why? It’s mutually beneficial to were ever you live.

I really hate mandatory education. It’s a waste of my time, because it has no intrinsic value, aside from function ability in society.  But education for recreational use, has a very different place in my heart. Grannite whenever I start a company I have a lot of learning and research to do, and yes its annoying, but for me, it’s also fun. I’m fond of delving into the psyche of money, it’s a fascinating substance.



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