What Kind of Online business are there?

If I could write a letter to myself in the past. It would be on everything I did wrong. I would tell myself that there are three types of online Companies. The first is content provider, blogs, (like this one) magazines, music videos etc. The Second kind of online business are pyramid schemes. Now, I know they have a bad wrap. But you can’t argue with someone who has made more money than me with pyramid schemes. The trick with them is to be at the top. The third kind of online company is a service provider, GoDaddy, FileBack Up, Hosting, Out-Sourcing,social media, etc..  which in my experiance is the most complicated to operate, but also the most reliable model. 

So I there may be a few I left out simply because I don’t know about them, but I don’t at all claim to know everything. 

Content Providers 

Now you may notice the wordpress logo. That’s why it’s there, so you can notice it. I’ve learned that if you can get over the challenge of people noticing you, (or your content) your as good as golden. Now me, I’m a terrible writer, I admit it, this is not something in which I have been blessed by the money gods, but it’s still fun. 

But getting noticed online line is honestly a numbers game. If you don’t sell anything It’s easier to gain a few loyal readers. If you sell to them. It’s easier to get their money. But the question honestly is, if you can write better than I can (which isn’t saying much) How, do you get people to find it?

Pyramid Schemes.

ImageHere is the worst reputable type of online business. It’s famous for a reason, for some odd reason. It works, Why it works is a subject too complicated for me, probably because this style of marketing acts like a virus. It needs a host to survive, Also if executed properly can be a force to be reckoned with, heck in my opinion Wall Street is the most famous of all pyramid schemes. But that’s another post. 



Service Provider

Probably the most reliable and authentic model of online business. A Service provider has it’s own set of challenges and advantages. 


The Three things that these have in common, is are the steps preceding them. These models obey the same economic laws as brick and mortar business. I have a real passion for these models as they can be applied at any age, it’s impossible to discriminate against a customer, and they generally have low overhead, and high profitability, (If done right). But the trick is to do it wright. I want to give you some homework.. Or at least some things to think about. 

What types of people, what type of money would need <–(keyword) these types of models, there is demand for all themes. But most need a meme or a niche attached to them to target a certain group of money.



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