Why the DotCom Bubble wasn’t a bubble at all.

Today, you see the dotcom bubble as something to be remembered.

An Example of how a buying Frenzy can bankrupt entire nations. And why these bouts of insanity should be avoided. But it couldn’t have been all bad could it?

The Video I posted, says that Amazon and Ebay caused some sort of panic as in “we’d get fired for not buying”

Well, what about paypal? What about Google? What about Netflix? It appears that the bubble was an accident. Where anyone could get in. When the fed raised interest rates, it excluded certain people from participating in the wealth generating process.

But they get all the Gold? Well it depends, some if not most companies went bankrupt shortly after the bubble popped. But heres what still happened. It was a really fast way to generate the infrastructure required for the future.  So then what’s next? Well believe it or not there is currently an app bubble. It’s fascinating everytime I watch shark tank to see their eyes pop up. Throwing money in the hundreds of thousands and not millions. Today, if you own a website, unless your the big three, it’s viewed as a liability. I guess their feelings are still hurt from foolish insanity. But hey, they would have been rewarded for holding true to their modules in the end, instead they burned their reputation to make a bad investment. But hey, no one’s perfect. I’ve certaintly made my mistakes in the past.

But the internet, has over 1 trillion trillion possibilities for generating revenue. Some people get stuck in the rut of “google making money” “make money from home” the truth is, do it yourself.

It’s a very simple process.

Make content. Something people want. Or decide what a certain group of people want. Then tell them about your site, if your any good they will come. But you your anything like me, I just keep the ghosts on the internet company. They read I know they do, their spirit is engulfed in this mass of technology.

I’ve noticed the internet is becoming more and more personalized. I don’t really like this. I don’t log on to see stuff I already like, I log on to expolore, expand my mind, debate with people who recklessly throw out insults. But I fear not, for I know it matters not in the long run. But if in some distant future. Everything we did is discovered by an alien civizaltion, they’ll know I tried to bring sanity to the internet.

I honestly love it. Or the idea of it. A giant unlimited platform, where anything can happen. Too often though I see a degrading of human sanity, either because youth has too much time, or older trolls just got jobs and families and bills.



But not me, I’m rich, I have no family, I should be technically happy and carefree. But i’m not, I like to see myself as a guardian. I try to leave the internet a better place then I left it. I understand the dangers of a bad idea going viral. Never before has a tool come into peoples homes to change their opinion to frevently and directly. What a fascinating powerful tool. #internet responsibly.


Perhaps it’s time to develope a type of government. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let profit bearing corporations to control the internet. I mean, I see potential for disaster there. But hey, I’m just one guy. Out in the internet. Just writing away…. Good night Ghosts.


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