What is BitCoin?

Bit Coin is a non-centralized virtual currency or money used for trade and services.

Can I make money with bitcoin?

Yes, But you can make money with anything. 

Are you Bullish or Bearish on BitCoin?

I am bearish, this is a bubble similiar to the Holland Tulip bubble of the 1800’s text book pump and dump.

Will bitCoin Crash?

BitCoin, has some technical hurdles, including volume management. If they can survive a crash and with out going worthless.

Does Bit Coin have a chance at a real virtual currency? 

Absolutely, this is a great solution to a great problem. Thre are some technical solutions to overcome and its not clear who exactly is in charge of the bitcoin accept a website. This sort of anonimity never flies, or atleast very rarely does. If it can overcome a crash or again money after it crashes yes, it may be volatile for a while but i would say you can make money in it in the future, but it’s silly to buy today. 



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