Death of the Internet… Well sort of.



Good afternoon, your favorite money blogger Zach Logan here.

I’ve been working on a few projects, their going well thanks for asking.

But I’m writing today because aside from the coming bitcoin disaster there is something else happening in the world that can potentially make more waves thank an earthquake.

Today is 12/27/2013 I’m writing this 5:19 am in the morning and I’ve been working since 12:00am and plan to stop today around 6:00pm. Now I work because I like to, today I’am learning about email campaigns, I’m also increasing the scope of my twitter account.

But befire I get into details I want to talk about the death of the internet.

Now a fundamental law, called moores law, as explained here. By a very smart guy and a hero of mine named Michio Kaku.

But moores law, is a fundemental law that says one day the internet will be obselete.  I can point to historical entities that were believed to be eternal but ultimately became obselete.

Today the internet is web 2.0 which is an advanced version of web1.0,

The biggest contrast I can draw between the two is the GUI systems to develope and build tools and interfaces. For example today you can build a website with just a few clicks, which was unheard of with web 1.0

What this means is that the market can be flooded with new competition. Large Giants are more or less on the same playing field as the stay at home joe.

Well with the close of 2013, we are approaching a new future.

Internet users are in the billions, ISP profit in the hundred of billions.

And Internet Entrapaneurs are now in the hundreds of millions all over the world.

Me being one of them (quiet well mind you) I have began to notice a trend towards the future of the internet.

“The internet of tomorrow” is predicted to be a world where a microchip is involved in almost every action. Traffic lights, shopping, driving, and so on. But what has been relatively un touched is the future of the user face, which we call the world wide web. The new domain will be in the phyiscal world, and there is a fortune to be made there, but the fact is there is still a fortune to be made on the internet today.  Shopping, Traveling, Learning, Entertainment, Even loans and banking. These are just a few of the industries that have had their entire customer face changed due to the convience of the internet. And their investments wont go away easily. I believe it’s a little premature to say the internet will soon be obselete and useless, but I’m not going to stop it, perhaps it can discourage a few potential entrapaneurs better than me.

But the internet today is made up of websites. These websites can be accessed anonymousely.

I believe the future of the internet will see a lack of privacy but for the good. The real slimy parts of the internet are a real sin that I believe can be eliminated by getting rid of anonymity. Now, there is the lack of privacy that might be an issue, even that can be overcome with enough effort.

But the fact is, the more and more info people online the more normal it can become. I see the revolving list of websites in someone’s cache ultimately becoming “one major website”and by that I mean, facebook, google, Twitter, Stumbleupon, youtube and any other site that wants that user’s activity will eventually all begin to realize that the same person is accessing their websites. With the APIs that webmasters like me can use, for my users to be active on my websites with their facebook or other major social network accounts.


One day we will see entire avatars of people, represented through their internet activity. Now me having a network which my sites are built on with hundreds of thousands of followers I honestly have to be careful what I say or comment, or even what I thumbs up or like because it will all be broadcasted to hundreds of thousands of people. And inheritenly i’m a pretty compulsive user. I comment with out thinking, I love flame wars. But as the people I can influence grows the thought that goes into every mouse click and letter punched has to be done with much more caution. It’s taken me years to get me where I am today, and it can all be lost in a day.

but I’m on the way to the top. The internet of tomorrow is my domain, I claim it for Zach Logan. And I will perhaps be able to organize a network or entity of internet users and form a democracy. We can establish rules and laws of the internet. That’s what it needs.

Thanks -Zach Logan




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